Our 4 Pillars to Exceed Your Expectations

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Sales Rain

At Portillo Sales & Marketing, we put a heavy emphasis on sales performance. Everything we do is centered on finding the deal. As we close deal-after-deal, the market starts to rain with more deals.

  • Retention – We meet with our client’s core customers because, as we add on new sales, we do not want to be leaking business out of our customer bucket.
  • Penetration – We collaborate with and support current customers to find additional opportunities for line extensions.
  • Innovation – We introduce our client’s new innovative products to the market.
  • Acquisition – Working hand-in-hand with the marketing department, our sales team works to convert competitive business.

Marketing Growth

We invest heavily in our marketing department because this is an extremely important function for lead generation and cultivating relationships with our current customer base.

  • Food Show Execution & Updated Stocking Guides
  • Social Campaigns – We utilize Linkedin as a tool to showcase client’s products.
  • Weekly Email Outreach – We segment out each customer profile into groups. Our marketing team then creates POS specific to that segment to ignite a conversation.
  • Push Lists – Our clients sometimes have inventory they are long on or just want to blow out, so our marketing team will start a dialogue with our entire customer database to move the product.


The foodservice sales industry is incredibly antiquated. There are insane opportunities to disrupt the status quo with our digital footprint.

  • Interflex Bid System – We own the software that manages every K12 bid throughout our territory. This provides the ability to bid on any product category across any school district.
  • eCommerce – We partnered with an eCommerce company to increase the visibility of our client’s products nationwide.
  • Professional Film Crew – We outsource the ability to create amazing video content to share with our customer base on social media and e-mail.

Customer Experience Support

Our customer experience team is second-to-none. They are directly aligned with organizational goals to ensure every interaction with Portillo Sales & Marketing is outstanding.

  • Order Processing System – Our customer experience team can process all local market PO’s on the behalf of clients.
  • CRM Tool – Clients have access to our CRM reports inputted by our sales team weekly.
  • Digital Database – We utilize a cloud-based system for storing POS, Price Lists, Spec Sheets, and other pertinent documents so that our sales & marketing teams can easily access updated information.
  • GPO Compliance & Tracking
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