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Portillo Sales & Marketing was founded in 2015 by John and Nick Portillo. This father and son duo started in a tiny, 300 square foot office suite with only 2 phones and a computer, but has built a large team throughout all of California and Nevada in just a short amount of time.

Upon founding Portillo Sales & Marketing, they recognized a gigantic hole in the foodservice brokerage community. They truly wanted to give an experience to their clients of a larger sales force filled with the best-of-the-best people this industry has to offer.

They provide high enthusiasm and activity to every client they represent and that same passion reverberates throughout every one of their team members. By always prioritizing the client, they disrupt the California and Nevada markets by consistently pushing to expand their client’s business.

John Portillo himself has spent over 30 years in the foodservice brokerage business. He helped create one of the biggest national foodservice sales agencies and has managed brands such as Tyson, J.R. Simplot, Sara Lee, and Nestle. Coming from humble beginnings as a meat cutter, John has mentored his son, Nick Portillo, on all of the intricacies of the foodservice industry. With a passion and desire to drive new business, Portillo Sales & Marketing is focused on you, the client.

Our Leadership

Jeff Schrier

Jeff Schrier

SoCal, General Manager
Nick Portillo

Nick Portillo

Marketing, Director
John Portillo

John Portillo

Tom Albanese

Tom Albanese

Las Vegas, General Manager
Con Mondfrans Photo (d109fd98-d46e-4d83-bb2e-5376903d833d)

Con Mondfrans

NorCal, General Manager

Market Coverage

Our team of experienced sales professionals in California and Nevada is ready to grow your business!

Covering a territory of 43,000,000 people, we have strategically placed well respected General Managers to oversee the sales team in all 3 of our markets: Las Vegas, Northern California, and Southern California.

We believe in the power of collaboration because our markets are uniquely different from the rest of the country. Spanning across both states, we work with nearly 1,300 distributors of all types and sizes.

Las Vegas – Tom Albanese

Las Vegas – Tom Albanese

Email: tom.albanese@portillosales.com

Cell Phone: (702) 768-4477

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-albanese-35a98452/

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Northern California – Con Mondfrans

Northern California – Con Mondfrans

Email: con.mondfrans@portillosales.com

Cell Phone: (925) 519-2500

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/con-mondfrans-29367b168/

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Southern California – Jeff Schrier

Southern California – Jeff Schrier

Email: jeff.schrier@portillosales.com

Cell Phone: (626) 203-6456

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-schrier-172b1610/

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Portillo Sales & Marketing

Market Segments

We Cover Every Foodservice Channel

  • Business & Industry
  • Cash & Carry, Ethnic Retail, & C-Stores
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Industrial
  • K-12
  • Restaurant Chains

Market Distribution

We Service Nearly 1300 Distributors

Broadline Distribution – Working with this distribution channel is an integral part of how we go-to-market. We work very closely with each distributor’s leadership and their teams to explode our client’s sales.

We also love food shows. While we handle everything from set-up to clean-up for our clients, we also go above and beyond with over-the-top displays! We take immense pride in providing an experience that people will talk about forever.

2nd/3rd Tier Distribution – It is incredible how many points of distribution there are throughout our territories. This makes our market so different from the rest of the country. There is a lot of profit to be made on this channel, and many of these companies will partner with you to grow together.

Some of these distributors will rival a Broadliner while others may serve only a segmented niche. Each has there own unique needs, and with our deep relationships, you will discover huge opportunities you may not have known existed.

Re-Distribution – This segment is a massive differentiator for us. We build and consistently maintain relationships with both regional and national players. If you want to be successful on the West Coast, you must be entrenched with re-distribution.

We work with every one of our clients to partner with a re-distributor so that there is a product to sell in all 3 of our markets. By having product locally stocked, it makes it wildly easier to 10X your growth.

Portillo Sales & Marketing