Portillo Sales & Marketing

We Deliver Knowledge of and Access to Strategic Foodservice Accounts

We’re not the “help you make your first sale” team, we’re the “horsepower to market at scale” agency.

Regional Coverage

California, Hawaii & Nevada Foodservice Brokers

Portillo Sales & Marketing is a family-owned foodservice brokerage in California, Hawaii & Nevada that connects established brands to Strategic Accounts so they can market at scale. Founded in 2015 by John & Nick Portillo, Portillo Sales & Marketing’s team of Intrapreneurial Brokers leverage deep industry experience and a nation-wide broker network to drive sales for their foodservice manufacturer clients.

Our values

  • Family

    Family is the fabric that makes our company work. There is no single value that is more important. As a team, we make sure everyone feels safe, comfortable, heard, and acknowledged, and at the end of the day, everyone knows that Portillo Sales & Marketing will never come before their family.

  • Integrity

    We know how important Integrity is to our relationships because each one matters. Couple that with a genuine desire to be approachable, consistent, and grateful for those we service. We can only succeed when we are honest and exemplify strong moral principles toward our clients, customers, and every person we encounter.

  • Passion

    It’s our Passion that generates the enthusiasm needed to build our client’s business no matter how hard the process may be. It’s our passion that motivates us to be nimble and adapt to change so that we can all succeed together. It’s our passion that creates the greatest increase in commitment and achievement to every goal we share.

  • Reliable

    When we are Reliable toward one another as a team, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.

Why Clients Choose Us

Strategic Account Relationships

We specialize in connecting foodservice brands with Strategic Accounts throughout California, Hawaii and Nevada, so that our clients can make sure they’re building relationships with the right people. We know that when your brand is doing well, we all win together—and we want to help you get there.

Our differences

  • Strategic Account Focused

    We’ve worked with hundreds of foodservice customers, including large operators and 2nd/3rd tier distributors. We know how to get you in front of the right people so that you can grow your business—and consistently achieve long-term objectives that matter to you.

  • Nimble

    We have leadership in every market—so we know exactly what challenges you face. We’re here to help you make better decisions, identify your strengths and weaknesses in the market, and our flat organizational structure eliminates the bureaucracy that can impede quick decision making needed to close sales.

  • In-Market Experts

    We know the California and Nevada markets. We understand your challenges and how to overcome them—and we have the network of relationships to do it. We’ll get you in front of the right people and help you identify opportunities that are a match for your products, services, and brand.

  • Intrepreneurial Brokers

    We have a team of experts dedicated to helping foodservice manufacturers grow sales. But we don’t just sell you on our expertise—we empower our team to make decisions and hold each other accountable, so that we can grow your business.

Sales 1 Food Service

Our Nationwide Partners

We’re aligned with the fastest growing foodservice broker network in the US: Sales 1 Foodservice. That means our network of broker partners can connect you with customers in every market, at scale. And when you partner with S1, we’ll work regionally to ensure the success of your business. 

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Their commitment to their manufacture and distributor partners along with their operators proves they understand the Foodservice industry. It is a pleasure working with Portillo Sales as they are true professionals and are ready to assist in your day to day business.
Marc Cruz
Regional Sales Manager
After working with them and seeing the enthusiasm and knowledge of food service they possess is exciting to me. Simply put, it just makes my job more enjoyable!
Art Schneider
Western Regional Sales Manager
They employ many quality people who work together to make their company stand out in the market in regard to their professionalism and achievement of company goals and objectives and they are wonderful to work with!
Paul Bohannan
Director of Western Region Sales
Portillo does it the right way and seamlessly weaves in all their lines where there is a need. From top to bottom all Portillo personnel are responsive and accountable.
Tom Curry
Broker management, regional & national account sales
Nick, John, and the Portillo Team have done an exceptional job at accelerating our growth across both Commercial and Non-Commercial segments. Our entire team continues to benefit from the grit and subject matter expertise Portillo Sales & Marketing brings day in and day out.
Taylor Sokol
Strategic Partnerships
I would never hesitate to recommend Portillo Sales and Marketing to professional colleagues looking for food service representation in California.
Bill Flynn
West National Account Manager
Portillo Sales has been our agency for the past year and we have been very impressed with their results. Theirs is a dynamic, engaged and assertive group that is always willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend them.
Barbara Powell
VP Foodservice Sales