Pillar 1


We offer planning, execution and analysis services that help you plan your sales, marketing and operations. We’ll help you design a strategy that’s tailored to your specific business goals, so you can focus on the things that drive your economic engine.

  • Customized Sales Plan

    We believe in helping you reach your goals by maximizing your time toward the right opportunities. We do this by providing a plan for your business that’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of experts will sit down with you and listen to what drives your sales, so we can plan a strategy that’s customized to your needs.

  • Introduction to the Trade

    We connect with your customers so that we can discover what they want and how to give it to them. We’ll get in touch with your customers in a way that feels natural, which will make all the difference when it comes time to share information about new products or updates.

  • Database

    Current Business Overview

    We want understand who is buying your products by matching sales data with customer profiles, identify the growth segments by identifying the best prospects for your product, and increase revenue by identifying key drivers of success in each segment.

  • Training

    It’s not about guessing what your customers want. It’s about knowing what they need—and then giving it to them. That’s where we come in. We’ll help train our team on the best practices for selling your products, understand the competition, and learn how to be successful with your products.

Pillar 2


You’ve got sales objectives. You know how many cases you need to sell and how much it’ll cost you to get there. But if you’re not executing, then all of that planning is just wasted time. We specialize in helping foodservice manufacturers execute their sales plans by identifying the right customers, approaching them with the right message, and closing deals—all while reporting back market intelligence along the way.

  • Strategic Account Access

    We give you access to the biggest operators and 2nd/3rd tier distributors and help you find the customers that will drive growth for your business. We partner with you to build sustainable business by connecting you with our network of Strategic Accounts who are looking for high quality products like yours.

  • Creative Marketing

    Our marketing team has years of experience creating marketing materials that get your products noticed by hungry customers, as well as email marketing campaigns that will help you grow your customer base and lead generation efforts that will help you turn prospects into loyal customers.

  • Sales 1 Foodservice

    Sales 1 brokers are experts in scaling foodservice manufacturing businesses by helping them fill multiple markets. Our S1 partners will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals by leveraging the power of our broker network and the industry expertise of our sales team.

  • Lists

    Market Intelligence

    When you work with us, we make sure you have the best customer information possible—so when it comes time to plan your sales objectives or customer outreach effort, you’ll know exactly who your target audience is. And we’ll do everything on your behalf—from maintaining relationships with new and current customers to reporting about your competition—so you can focus on what matters most: selling more product!

Pillar 3


At Portillo Sales & Marketing, we believe in using technology to make better decisions faster. So that’s why we’re giving you access to our digital support tools, so you can leverage technology to make better decisions and save time and energy.

  • Bids

    Interflex K-12 Bid System

    We use the Interflex Bid System so that you get access to all of the K-12 information and new bids in real time. Plus, Interflex has a feature that lets you track your competitors’ performance in terms of sales volume and bid pricing—so you know how they’re doing and can make sure to stay ahead.

  • ECommerce

    Foodservice Enablers CRM Tool

    Our CRM tool is a full-service management system that tracks our sales calls and keeps a record of wins and losses. We know how important it is to stay on top of your sales activity—and we want to help you see what’s going on in your business today and plan for tomorrow by analyzing opportunities over time.

  • Film

    Cloud Based Documenting

    We keep all of your important documents in one place so our team doesn’t have to spend time searching for the information they need. You can rest easy knowing that your broker team will have access to information about your products, so you won’t have to worry about them reaching out for the same thing more than once.

Pillar 4

Customer Experience Support

We know you’re busy. You’ve got to keep an eye on your competition, achieve your sales plan, and manage multiple brokers and markets. We get it—we do it, too! But there’s one thing that can make your life a lot easier: a good client experience support team. Our customer support team has years of experience working with foodservice manufacturers like yours, and we’re here to help you build sustainable sales and ensure the marketplace stays engaged with your brand.

  • Order

    Order Processing

    We take care of customer complaints so you don’t have to and we ensure PO’s get submitted timely so your business runs smoothly. We also track sales to build stocking guides to give to our sales team so they can sell more effectively.

  • CRM

    Food Show & Vendor Fair Support

    You know it’s hard to get your products in front of people. It’s even harder when you have to set up and tear down your food show booth, design and plan it yourself, and work the booth. We take care of all that for you. We’ve been working with clients in the industry since 2015, and we’ve built up a reputation for being reliable, knowledgeable experts in our field. We’re here to make sure your brand gets the exposure it needs—not just at one show but at every show!

  • Tracking

    Non-Commercial Compliance and Tracking

    We’ll create a non-commercial account tracking system that ensures your GPO customers are in compliance. We’ll start with your biggest volume accounts first, so we can make sure they’re compliant before moving on to the smaller ones.