Our Story

Portillo Sales & Marketing was founded in 2015 by John and Nick Portillo in Anaheim, CA. With nothing but a tiny, 200 square foot office and a couple landline phones, they set out to help established foodservice brands that needed the horsepower to market at scale.

Portillo Sales & Marketing is a family-owned foodservice brokerage in California, Hawaii & Nevada that connects established brands to Strategic Accounts so they can market at scale. Founded in 2015 by John & Nick Portillo, Portillo Sales & Marketing’s team of Intrapreneurial Brokers leverage deep industry experience and a nation-wide broker network to drive sales for their foodservice manufacturer clients.

Because their entire team understands the importance of Family, and what it means to exemplify Integrity, Passion, and being Reliable to one another, Portillo’s manufacturer clients trust them to grow their business.

They provide high enthusiasm and activity to every client they represent and that same passion reverberates throughout every one of their team members.”

This father-son duo started Portillo Sales & Marketing to better serve foodservice brands who want knowledge of & access to Strategic Accounts, feel like their broker cares for their business, and require the size and experience to accelerate their brand’s growth. Portillo is not the “help you make your first sale” team, they’re the “how to scale and grow your sales exponentially” broker. Their Strategic Account approach puts their foodservice manufacturer clients in front of the operators and distributors that move the sales needle.