With over 15 years of devoted service in the foodservice industry, Chris stands as a seasoned sales expert renowned for unwavering dedication and expertise. With an impressive record at both Freshpoint and Sysco, Chris has honed skills to carve a sales niche. Starting at Freshpoint, Chris cultivated client relationships, driving dynamic growth in sales and customer satisfaction through tailored solutions that have solidified their status as a trusted industry partner. 

Transitioning to Sysco, Chris’s deep-rooted passion for the culinary world shone, showcasing adaptability and an appetite for new challenges. Leveraging his profound understanding of the foodservice landscape, Chris excelled, not only contributing to personal success but playing a pivotal role in their company’s growth. Chris’s true differentiator lies in his genuine ardor for the foodservice industry, fostering lasting partnerships based on trust, reliability, and a shared love for culinary artistry.