It has been my pleasure to have worked in the Foodservice Brokerage business for 40+ years. I am a native of Northern California and live in the heart of the busy Bay Area. In the late 70’s a friend introduced me to the Foodservice Brokerage business and we started a company from scratch. I still remember those days when in order to make a phone call you had to find a phone booth, pull over and make your call. Very different times. Those were the days when “business relationships” were paramount!! I still have many friends in the business from those early days.

I eventually spent over a decade with Food Sales West, a great family owned business! FSW had the same philosophy of “people first!” Eventually FSW merged to form one of the big national brokerage companies

In 2018, I joined the PSM team. It was an easy one to make for two reasons: a family owned business and a focus on customer relationships!!