I’m a data analyst with 4 years of hands-on experience in the field. I worked during my career in computing systems as a consultant in a research center developing data warehouses and using different tools for business intelligence. After that I decided to study a master’s degree in IT specializing myself in BI and got hired as a SAS Consultant learning more tools to apply decision making with hard data. Then I decided to study a PhD in computing systems my thesis was about using neural networks and machine learning to predict temperatures in desertic areas using automatic weather sensors. during my studied I dedicated to be an English teacher in a college from my town I teach English in different levels and also for specific purposes for example for Software Engineers. I was happy being a teacher but my passion relies in create knowledge and help decision making through data, as someone passionate about data I know that it comes from everywhere as a consultant I’ve seen data from sales, inventory, weather, development times from projects, stress indicators from Arduino sensors and so on, that means that I never stop learning that’s why I love being a data analyst and doing research