In this week’s episode, host Nick Portillo reflects on the first season of the Titans of Foodservice podcast and the wealth of knowledge that each guest has brought to the show. He shares the journey Portillo Sales and Marketing has taken from its start, up until today, and discusses the importance of long-term investments. He also shares how delaying gratification can pay off big in the long run, especially during a recession.

QUOTES “My dad and I did everything and your bandwidth gets strapped. But that’s okay because when you go from zero to 1 million, whether you’re selling your own product or selling somebody else’s product, it’s in those moments where you learn so much about the business and learn about the different job functions that it takes to be successful.” -Nick Portillo [29:15]

“There’s no quick way to make a lot of money or to be successful overnight. It just doesn’t happen. It’s a long-term process. If I’m going to start a food service manufacturing brand, I’m just going to start a brand in food, or heck any industry, it’s the long-term view of things that really goes the furthest. It just takes time. So if you’re one of those manufacturers out there that is struggling to find a broker, and maybe I’m speaking directly to you, just know that you’re not alone.” -Nick Portillo [35:02]


00:00 Intro

03:22 Nick’s experience with video editing and long-term investment strategies

06:40 The power of long-term investing

15:50 Taking advantage of the recession: Opportunities for business growth

30:00 Scaling a food service business from zero to 1 million

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